When Krause Publications purchased the magazine in 1999, I became its editor beginning with issue 7.1 at the end of 1999. After turning over the editorial reins to Joyce Greenholdt, I continued to be involved with the magazine over the years through occasional reviews. The magazine ceased publication in 2009.


  • The decimal numbering system for the magazine was adopted in the late 1990s by the magazine's founder, Joanne White. She felt that it brought to mind computer program versions, something familiar to gamers. After doing both the seventh and the eighth volumes of the magazine with this convention, I changed the numbering to whole numbering beginning with the 48th issue, the idea being that we would honor the 50th issue anniversary coming up.

  • I removed the word "card" from the title of the magazine when Mage Knight hit, as we were no longer simply about card games.

  • The purchase of Scrye magazine hit at almost exactly the same time as Krause's purchase of Tuff Stuff magazine, a publication about sportscards. Tuff Stuff had published a spinoff magazine, "Collect!", about non-sports cards — and the sports department gave those cards to us right about the same time that the crates of CCG cards from the old Scrye offices arrived. There were, altogether, something like six pallets of card "monster boxes" to sort through — and they took up an entire office cubicle. It took more than two years to get all the cards sorted and sleeved!

  • Ironically, as editor of Comics Retailer I had objected to the term "collectible card game," preferring to use Wizards of the Coast's title, "trading-card game." But when we bought Scrye, the house style necessarily changed. It even resulted in the change of the magazine's name, to Comics & Games Retailer.

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