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Smite: Battleground of the Gods #1

The first comic book based on the game from Hi-Rez Studios!

Having worked on comics for video game franchises before, in 2014 I was asked to write a comic book introducing readers to the characters and concepts behind the online game Smite. Smite features a universe in which several different mythological pantheons coexist and battle with one another, over and in the mortal realm; it's one big intramural war.

I was teamed with Eduardo Francisco, who came up with a cool classical look for things.The physical designs for the gods and goddesses — like Athena — are based on the looks of the characters from within the game.

As a twelve-page comics story, the issue was designed mainly for release by Hi-Rez Studios at events — and Dark Horse Digital made it available for free online. The issue was followed up with a three-issue series, Smite: The Pantheon War.

This issue can be read for free at Dark Horse Digital.

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