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Star Wars: Knight Errant - Escape #4


Caught in a battle between three Sith armies, Jedi Kerra Holt does her utmost to prevent them from finding a powerful Sith relic!

This is easily the most emotion-packed issue of the series thus far -- as much of a tear-jerker as we're likely to see. As always, the Sith are one deception ahead of us -- and we see how it was that Kerra was so easily able to infiltrate Odion's realm. And here, she comes face to face not only with her parents from the past -- but a threat that could well destroy all life, everywhere. It's as large an existential threat as may have been posed in Star Wars -- and it befits this era of bleak lives and dire sorceries.

At last, we get the final piece to Kerra's origin story. Vannar visited Kerra's home intentionally -- and Odion struck the world intentionally. What they knew made them targets -- and would make it impossible for them to live freely.

We see here Ieldis's philosophy being described, and we can understand how it connects with his Crucible training program in the Knights of the Old Republic comics. I wanted Odion to have no idea how to make the Helm work; he's just the sort to get frustrated about it. And I wanted Kerra's anguish to be the trigger -- making her failure complete, to paraphrase a certain movie. And we needed to see that its power was such that it could even infect Daiman. The stakes raise very quickly.


  • Forget hearts -- Ieldis's head was two sizes too small!

  • Now Kerra has two identical pendants! And who knows -- perhaps the sibling might have a third?

  • Kerra's parents' dress is probably a lot more in line with the retro garb we saw in the Jedi Vs. Sith comics. I figure they were dressing themselves out of whatever they could find, at that point.

  • Some holograms show people in miniature -- others, in life size. It was clear that we needed life-sized versions of Kerra's parents for them to be able to seem to interact.

  • The penultimate scene here is intentionally reminiscent of the end of "Days of Fear" in Knights of the Old Republic #15. It also takes place between an imprisoned hero and a would-be ally -- only Kerra is a little more together than Zayne was, and her response touches Yulan's heart.


This issue has been reprinted in the following collection:

Star Wars: Knight Errant Vol. 3: Escape (Dark Horse, 2013),
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The issue is also available digitally from Marvel.com.

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