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Star Wars: Rise of the Empire

A single volume combining Star Wars: A New Dawn and Star Wars: Tarkin — as well as three original short stories!

In early 2015, I was informed that Random House was planning a "bind-up" combining the first two canon novels of 2014, my own New Dawn and James Luceno's Tarkin. The idea was to provide a convenient catch-up for new readers in advance of Star Wars: A Force Awakens — and by adding three short stories there would be some new material as well.

One of the short stories, "Mercy Mission" by Melissa Scott, would preface Tarkin and provide a Hera adventure; "The Levers of Power" by Jason Fry would finish off the volume and place Rae Sloane at the Battle of Endor. The latter would fuse the existing novels with the upcoming Star Wars: Aftermath, where Sloane was a main character. A third story was called for to knit Tarkin and A New Dawn together, and to also mention Everi Chalis, a character in Star Wars: Battleground; that opportunity went to me.

There's a full page here on the resultant story, "Bottleneck"; please visit that page for production notes and trivia about it.

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