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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 1: Commencement

A young Jedi-in-training finds that making the grade is the least of his worries when he's framed for killing his classmates!

Reprints Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #0-6. Click to check out the production notes for the following issues:

The first Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic graphic novel, this edition goes back before the beginning (if you want to put it that way) to put the contents of #0 in their proper chronological sequence. It actually came out after #1.

A number of minor typographical corrections have been made; some are detailed for the four people  in the "trivia" section below.

Dark Horse went with the iconic cover from the first issue to launch the trade. My favorite cover of the series, #6, appears as the back cover.

Just as with all Dark Horse's Star Wars trade paperbacks, the "trade dress" of these editions is very distinctive. (That's the look of the spine, etc.) They should be quite easily located on your shelf.

It was a great feeling getting one of these under my belt. I read the first Star Wars "trade" — the Ballantine mass-market paperback collecting Marvel's six-issue adaptation — the night before I went to see the first movie. Only took about 30 years to do one of my own!


  • There are a few proofreading catches which I won't get into -- all were pretty minor. (We did fix Shad Jelavan's name in what had been #6.) The only real substantive change is the naming of a character who wasn't named in the previous comics. (I can hear you all riffling through the back issues now.) Substantive? Hmmm....

  • One of the "choreography" problems stemmed from how Gryph was supposed to be chained to the speederbike. My idea had been for him to not be in the sidecar, but sitting on Zayne's side, such that his hands were chained beneath the handlebars; that way, he and Zayne would be virtually on top of each other. As drawn, Gryph's manacles were chained around the support strut between the two parts of the bike, so his original line that he was still chained to the bike after Raana Tey chopped off the sidecar no longer worked. The TPB fixes that line.

  • No, Gryph didn't shave his hands: The balloon pointers in the "garbage-can" scene were directed to the correct pairs of knuckles.

  • Eagle-eyed readers will note didn't do anything about the kolto/bacta confusion. Some readers will conclude that we forgot about it; some readers will conclude we plan to do something with it in the future. Some readers would be right. (Not saying which. Heh.)

  • When he's being rescued from the avalanche of spacesuits, Gryph originally called Jarael "my good woman," which is language a little more flowery than he tends to use. In fact, I was unintentionally channeling one of my older characters from my own fiction, a scoundrel who's much more formal in his diction. We took it back to "lady" for the trade.

  • There's a little story behind the final scene on the temple floor. Originally, Brian Ching had drawn the panel before Jarael crashes in with the camera pulled further back, so to speak, so that we could see her flying in above Lucien's head. I suggested we'd improve the surprise by pulling in so only a glare of light was there -- which is what we did for #6. For the trade, we gave Lucien a line so he's not just standing there. So, it's true -- the trade paperback is, for the comics, the equivalent of the movie Special Editions!

This book is available from Amazon.

It has been reprinted as part of Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Old Republic Vol. 1 (Marvel, 2015), available from Amazon.

It has also been reprinted in Star Wars Omnibus: Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 1 (Dark Horse, 2013), available from Amazon.

The issues are also available digitally from Marvel.com.

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