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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 9: Demon

The climactic chapter in the Demagol saga!

Reprints Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #47-50. Click to check out the production notes for the following issues:



And this brought an end to the reprinting of the original KOTOR series, with the trade paperbacks reprinting everything but the text pages from 2007 and the Handbook. This was the smallest edition, at four issues.

In earlier editions, I had made corrections to the trade paperbacks; by this point, I was making my catches before the comics themselves went out.


  • The cover is the cover from #49. The back cover is the cover from #48.

  • The "next" KOTOR story I did was the Hyperspace exclusive, The Secret Journal of Doctor Demagol, which overlays the events of this and all the other trade paperbacks. Actually, the story concludes before the final two scenes on Coruscant in this edition.


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