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Overdraft: The Glossary

A guide to the terms in the world of Overdraft!

The following material indexes every date mentioned or alluded to in the Overdraft series to date, including the original short story, the Overdraft: The Orion Offensive serial, and the short story Burnout. This isn't intended as an encyclopedia, but rather a quick-reference guide. As additional episodes are released, this will be updated regularly.

A spoiler warning is appropriate, given that some items refer to events in the book. Read the works first.

The key to the sources is at the bottom of the file. Also check out the Overdraft Timeline!

37 Geminoruma star, 56.3 light years from Earth(OO-5)
Abaza, Walter Johna human male, member of Surge Three(OO-5)
Alabeydan asteroid orbiting Altair(OO-1)
Altaira star, 16.7 light years from Earth(HE)
Altair Sunward Product and Equipment Center, ASPECa Quaestor trading station on Alabeyd(HE)
Arcturan Plaguea disease affecting humans(OO-7)
Arcturo-Solar WarEarth's first intergalactic war, started in 2030(OO-1)
Arcturusa star, 36.7 light years from Earth(OO-1)
Ascot Changa real 21st Century men's clothier, exists in 22nd Century New York(OO-2)
Avallorenesan alien species(OO-7)
badge, theemblem/device worn by Signatory traders(OO-2)
Bachmann, Jeanettean alias for a Walled Garden agent(OO-8)
Baghuthe native species of Baghula(OO-2)
Baghulaa planet around Struve 2398A, home to the Baghu(OO-2)
Baines, Lucas ("Skinner")a male human; member of the Walled Garden(OO-5)
bangbox, 'boxa shipping container 16.5 meters long, 5.5 meters across, and 5.5 meters tall(HE)
bioblanketa nanoid-using covering used in medical care(OO-5)
Black ButteSurge Sigma's nickname for the mesa containing the auction hall on Leel(OO-4)
Black PriestKolvax's title(OO-1)
Blasted Plain of Tarchosa region on Moog(OO-5)
Borranza female Xylander, informant for the Dominium(OO-5)
Bosch, Paymera male human, shock comic on 2050s Earth(OO-6)
Bouchard, Renéa male human, auditor for Quaestor(OO-3)
Breathersnickname for the Baghu(OO-2)
briefcase, thehandheld case used by traders, contains the assayer and the menu for the fabricator(OO-2)
Buchwalder, Lorrainea stewardess from the 1950s(OO-2)
Chaperonea pilotless excursion shuttle(BU)
Charaa planet circling Beta Canum Venaticorum(BU)
Charana liquified germanium-based alien species, native to the planet Chara (BU)
Charlieone of the whirlibangs orbiting Venus(OO-1)
Clemmons, Eustacereal name of Victor Gideon(OO-4)
Coandăcaran aerial Earth hover-vehicle, utlizing the Coandă effect(OO-3)
Constant Frienda real-life East India Company ship(OO-3)
Cowbell Capital Investmentsa shell company, owned by Jamie Sturm(OO-1)
Cowling, Leaha human female; member of Surge One(OO-4)
Dalrymple, Thedaa human female; works for the Commodities Futures Trading Commission(OO-5)
Deeliaha female Xylander, member of the ruling Dominium(OO-2)
Dinner, Arbutusa male human; member of Surge Sigma's first squad(OO-1)
District 211a region on Kano during the Great Kano Clearing(OO-6)
District 280a region on Kano during the Great Kano Clearing(OO-6)
Dominiuma governing body among the Xylanx(OO-1)
Dragon's Depotnickname for a space station at Sigma Draconis(OO-1)
dreadcaseslang for a human whose adrenal glands were manipulated by nanoids (OO-4)
EndoSysa nanoid-using subdermal computer that displays messages on the surface of human skin(OO-2)
Exotic Formation Seven-Alpha, Seven Alphaan extraterrestrial organism(HE)
fabricatorlarge device which manufactures samples(OO-2)
Falcone, Leonid ("Leo")a male human, age 50s; one of several expedition administrators for Quaestor(HE)
fieldmastera title among the Gebrans(OO-6)
fire-boloa Xylanx hand-weapon(OO-2)
First Contact Groupan Earth organization evaluating all new species encountered(BU)
Fomalhauta star(HE)
Forrah Glaya location named in the Xylanx religion(OO-1)
Frockya Porriman trader(OO-4)
Funworld Mumbaian amusement park on Earth(OO-1)
Gardenera member of the Walled Garden movement(OO-2)
G Clouda stellar region near Earth(OO-1)
Gebranan alien species(HE)
Gebran Clearing Commandthe Gebrans' ruling body during the Great Kano Clearing(OO-6)
Gerroka male Xylander(OO-1)
Gharion Preservea Xylanx space citadel, orbiting Pi3 Orionis(OO-2)
Gideon, Victora male human, leader of Surge Two(OO-3)
Giotto Colonya human colony orbiting Luyten's Star(OO-2)
Grand Mooglenickname for the Moogle spokesman(OO-5)
Great Kano Clearingan event on Kano in 2138(OO-5)
Haarfata male Xylander, member of the ruling Dominium(OO-2)
hand-cannona Xylanx hand-weapon(OO-2)
Happy Entrancea real-life East India Company ship(OO-3)
HardSHELa type of armored environment suit(OO-1)
Hell's Hunter 15a popular video game on Earth(OO-6)
hyperthermophilea creature native to extremely hot environments(BU)
immerso, immersosa 3-D virtual reality entertainment(OO-3)
IndispensableSurge Sigma's shuttle configuration; also, a real-life East India Company ship(OO-2)
isopanela crystal screen that delivers information(HE)
jaerkatan alien mammal known to the Xylanx(OO-2)
Jerroja male Xylander(OO-1)
jorvila space monster living on Leel(OO-3)
Keeler, Elaine (Sturm)a female human, Jamie Sturm's mother, United States Senator(OO-4)
Keeler, Jacoba male human, a past U.S. Secretary of Transportation (OO-4)
Keeler, Oliviaa female human, a past European Union Vice President(OO-4)
Keeler, TaffyJamie Sturm's younger stepsister(OO-2)
knowglobea dodecahedral database of all information known throughout the Signatory Systems(HE)
Kolvaxa male Xylander; leader of the Severed(OO-1)
land-smashera robotic Gebran terrain modifier(OO-5)
Lazariusa Earth conglomerate that runs space expeditions(OO-2)
Leelan iceworld orbiting Mu Cassiopeiae(OO-3)
Leelite, Leelitesan alien species living on Leel(OO-3)
Liandroa Xylanx male, old(OO-2)
Little Arkansasa suburb outside Beijing, China on Earth(OO-1)
Lopez-Hererraa male human, medic for Surge One(OO-3)
Lorrainea Sheoruk researcher(OO-2)
Luk'aan ancient species of thieves(OO-4)
Luyten's Stara star, 12.4 light years from Earth(OO-2)
Madaki, Geenaa female human, age 60s(OO-1)
Millau Viaducta real bridge in France(OO-5)
Mooga planet around Xi Boötes A(OO-4)
Moogle, Mooglesan alien species living on Moog(OO-4)
Mournful Howells, thea band Jamie Sturm once owned a stake in(OO-7)
Mu Cassiopeiaea double-star system, 24.6 light years from Earth(OO-3)
nanoida microscopic machine(OO-1)
Nördlingenan Earth spacetug(OO-1)
O'Herlihy, Corporal Michael ("Mike")a male human, from Little Arkansas, China(HE)
Ops Station, Opsa space station near Venus; trading center(OO-1)
Orion Armthe region of the Milky Way the Earth is in(OO-1)
Osman Corporation, OsmanCorpan Earth conglomerate that runs space expeditions(OO-1)
Overland disaster, Overland affaira historical event taking place in 2030 in Overland, Nebraska which set off an interstellar war(OO-1)
Overland OptionBridget Yang's backup plan against treachery(OO-7)
Pacificaone of the United States, statehood awarded 2083(BU)
Parrusa Xylander(OO-1)
Pattern Eaglea tactical configuration for armored infantry(OO-5)
Phipps, Coacha male human in O'Herlihy's past(OO-3)
Pi3 Orionisa star, 26.2 light years from Earth(OO-4)
Porrimaa star, 38.1 light years from Earth(HE)
Porriman, Porrimansa species native to Porrima(OO-4)
Praetor Corporation, PraetorCorpa Earth conglomerate that runs space expeditions(OO-1)
Prothro, Kema male human, security guard for Quaestor(BU)
Proxima Centauria star, 4.22 light years from Earth(OO-5)
Q/Anickname for the person holding the quartermaster-armorer job in an expedition(HE)
Quaestor Corporation, QuaestorCorpa Earth conglomerate that runs space expeditions(OO-1)
quartermaster- armorera job title(OO-1)
Queen's Own Riflesa reserve regiment of the Canadian Forces on Earth(OO-5)
Ragsdale, Dona male human, Senator Elaine Keeler's aide(OO-8)
Raintree, Blossoma female human, leader of an antienvironmental movement, raised on Mauritius(BU)
Regulansa species native to Regulus(OO-1)
Regulation Threea standing order for Surge teams: "Don't kill the customers"(OO-3)
Regulusa star, 77.5 light years from Earth(OO-1)
ridge-blastera robotic Gebran terrain modifier(OO-5)
robo-huntera Gebran pest-killer(OO-6)
Rumbera female Xylander(OO-1)
St. Theobald's at Brooklyna university on Earth(OO-8)
Santos, Peter ("Saint Peter")a male human; investigator for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission(OO-5)
scour-bota robotic Gebran terrain modifier(OO-5)
Selenaa female human, age 20s; trader on Ops Station(OO-1)
Senegambiaa nation on 22nd century Earth(OO-6)
Severed, The Severeda Xylanx movement(OO-1)
Shaft, thethe receiving area at the center of the Dragon's Depot(OO-2)
Sheoruk (s. and pl.)an alien species(OO-2)
Sigma Draconisa star, 18.8 light years from Earth(OO-1)
Signatory Pactin interstellar agreement on the use of the whirlibangs(OO-2)
Signatory Systemsthe group of interstellar civilizations agreeing to the Signatory Pact(OO-1)
Silvers, Phila 20th century human actor(OO-4)
Skippynickname for the organism Formation Seven-Alpha(HE)
Slumlord: The Next Generationa popular game on Earth(OO-6)
SoftSHELa type of environment suit(OO-2)
Spore, (t)he Sporenickname for the organism Formation Seven-Alpha(HE)
Spraecher 300a rifle used by human forces(OO-4)
Staging Area Bravoa location on Kano during the Great Kano Clearing(OO-6)
Stalkersa Xylanx military organization(OO-1)
starcretea substance(OO-1)
star shellstrontium nitrate incendiaries, used for lighting battlefields(OO-4)
Struve 2398Aa star, 11.4 light years from Earth(OO-2)
Stubek, Lynna female human, age 20s; member of Surge Sigma's third squad(OO-1)
Sturm, Jamison Philip ("Jamie")male human, born 2107; from Coral Gables, Fla.(OO-1)
superconductor columna totem-pole like item used in whirlilbang construction(OO-3)
Supralight Hygienic Environmental Layerprotective coating worn within a spacesuit or armor(OO-4)
Surge Altair, Surge Team Altaircollective name for Leonid Falcone's expedition's surgical strike team, when based on Altair; led by Bridget Yang(HE)
Surge Onetactical code abbreviation for Surge Sigma's first squad, led by Michael O'Herlihy(OO-1)
Surge Sigma, Surge Team Sigma, Surge Sigma Draconiscollective name for Leonid Falcone's expedition's surgical strike team, when based on Sigma Draconis; led by Bridget Yang(OO-1)
Surge Threetactical code abbreviation for Surge Sigma's first squad, led by Hiro Welligan(OO-1)
Surge Twotactical code abbreviation for Surge Sigma's second squad, led by Vincent Gideon(OO-2)
Swenk-Keeler, Lorena female human, a past U.S. Supreme Court Justice(OO-4)
Szaferi birchan Earth tree, extinct in the wild(OO-7)
Tellmera male Xylander(OO-1)
Temmons, Jakea male human, born 2121; Q/A for Surge Altair(HE)
Torgaard, Svena male human; Jamie Sturm's college roommate(OO-5)
Torquina Leelite(OO-4)
Trades Increasea real-life East India Company ship(OO-3)
Trovatelli, Lissafemale human; Q/A for Surge Sigma Draconis(OO-1)
Uutherum (s. and pl.)an alien species(HE)
Vangwooa Porriman trading supervisor(OO-4)
vidstwo-dimensional video recordings(OO-2)
Visitor Contact Groupan international body handling alien visits to Earth(OO-5)
Vremiana Leelite; lead auctioner(OO-3)
Walled Gardena political underground movement on Earth(OO-2)
Weber, Kaymanan eccentric 21st century billionaire(OO-7)
Welligan, Hiroa male human, leader of Surge Three(OO-1)
whirlibanga circular device, half a kilometer across, for sending bangboxes through interstellar space(OO-1)
Wo-Grumpa Gebran; fieldmaster during the Great Kano Clearing(OO-6)
Wu, Cathea female human, member of Surge One(OO-4)
X-560Xylanx space vessel, commanded by Kolvax at Leel(OO-4)
Xi Boötes Aa star, 21.8 light years from Earth(OO-4)
Xylander (s.), Xylanx (pl.), Xylanx (adj.)an alien species(OO-1)
Yang, Bridget ("Bridgie")a female human, born 2105(HE)
Yatsen, Liaa female human, security guard for Quaestor(BU)
Zazzy the Zoobearan animated bear(OO-2)
zoobearterm for a bear in captivity(HE)
BU"Burnout," first appearing in Silence in the Library's Apollo's Daughters, 2015 
HE"Human Error", first appearing in Baen Books' Armored, 2012 
OO-1Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 1: Greenmail, released April 2, 2013 
OO-2Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 2: Golden Handshake, released April 16, 2013 
OO-3Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 3: Underwater Holdings, released April 30, 2013 
OO-4Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 4: Winner's Curse, released May 13, 2013 
OO-5Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 5: Tip from a Dip, released May 27, 2013 
OO-6Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 6: Tender Offer, released June 11, 2013 
OO-7Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 7: Strike Price, released June 25, 2013 
OO-8Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 8: Poison Pill, released July 8, 2013

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