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Overdraft: The Timeline

A guide to the terms in the world of Overdraft!

The following material indexes every date mentioned or alluded to in the Overdraft series to date, including the original short story, the Overdraft: The Orion Offensive serial, and the short story "Burnout". This isn't intended as an encyclopedia, but rather a quick-reference guide. As additional episodes are released, this will be updated regularly.

A spoiler warning is appropriate, given that the items refer to events in the work. You'll want to read the stories first.

The key to the sources is at the bottom of the file. Also check out the Overdraft Glossary!


Around 38,000 B.C.E.Leelites meet the Luk'a(OO-4)
Around 35,000 B.C.E.Luk'a raid Earth(OO-7)
Date unrevealedXylanx rise up against the Luk'a(OO-7)
1950sLorraine Buchwalder, a stewardess for Pan Am, has her voice recorded(OO-2)
21st century (day unrevealed)Xylanx expansion period continues(OO-2)
2038 (day unrevealed)Xylanx encounter Leelites during auction(OO-4)
2030sKeeler family becomes powerful in Florida society(OO-4)
21st century (day unrevealed)Kayman Weber transmits signals into deep space(OO-7)
2050sSt. Theobald's begins disaster prognostication program(OO-8)
21st century (day unrevealed)Xylanx detect signal from Earth, turn inward(OO-2)
2070sFertility scare on Earth(OO-8)
2070sFirst member of the Keeler family wins elected office(OO-4)
2080sDeflation panic on Earth(OO-8)
2080sElaine Sturm Keeler born(OO-5)
2080sBlossom Raintree raised on Mauritius(BU)
2083 • June 16Pacifica becomes a state of the United States(BU)
2090sIndian Venus probe deactivated(OO-1)
2090s Disco music becomes popular again on Earth(OO-8)
2103 • March2103 BH7 arrives in Solar System from Regulus(OO-1)
2103 • AprilMore components arrive from Regulus(OO-1)
2103 • December 17Manned mission reaches Venus in time to greet Regulan arrivals(OO-1)
2104 • May 14First human voyage to Regulus(OO-1)
2105 (day unrevealed)Bridget Yang born(OO-1)
2107 (day unrevealed)Jamie Sturm born(OO-1)
2110 (day unrevealed)Avallorenes introduce SHEL suits to humanity(OO-7)
2110 (day unrevealed)Lissa Trovatelli born(OO-6)
2110sInterstellar trading from Earth begins(OO-1)
2110sBridget Yang grows up in Canada(OO-4)
Early 2110sMartin Sturm migrates to space(OO-1)
Early 2110sElaine Sturm divorces Martin Sturm(OO-4)
Mid 2110sElaine Sturm marries Senator Keeler(OO-4)
Mid 2110sJamie's stepfather takes Jamie to visit La Oliva monastery in Spain(OO-7)
2118 (day unrevealed)Jamie Sturm attempts to sell Taffy Keeler to the Regulans(OO-2)
Early 2120sJamie Sturm sent to boarding school(OO-4)
2123 (day unrevealed)Jamie Sturm fakes running a four-minute mile(OO-5)
2124 (day unrevealed)Bridget Yang joins the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada(OO-5)
2127 (day unrevealed)Bridget Yang, now a corporal for the Queen's Own Rifles, joins the Visitor Contact Group(OO-5)
2128 (day unrevealed)Previous Leelite auction(OO-3)
2129 (day unrevealed)Eighteen months before Overland, Bridget meets and becomes involved with Lucas "Skinner" Baines(OO-5)
2130 (day unrevealed)Jamie's stepfather, Senator Keeler, dies; Elaine Keeler appointed to take his senate seat(OO-5)
2130 • NovemberElaine Keeler wins special election for the United States Senate; there are 118 senators(OO-5)
2130 (day unrevealed)Overland Disaster. Arcturo-Solar War begins(OO-1)
2130 (day unrevealed)Giotto Colony on Luyten's Star attacked by Gebrans(OO-6)
2131 (day unrevealed)Eight months after Giotto Colony is attacked, Lissa Trovatelli is rescued(OO-6)
2131 • May 10Bridget Yang testifies before the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations about Overland disaster(OO-5)
2131 • MayDeath toll from Arcturo-Solar War: 600,000(OO-5)
2131 (day unrevealed)Bridget Yang moves off-planet from Earth(OO-4)
2131 (day unrevealed)Bridget Yang is turned down for employment by Praetor, Lazarius, Osman, and other trading firms(OO-2)
2132 (day unrevealed)A Quaestor expedition leader offers Bridget Yang a contract(OO-2)
2132 (day unrevealed)Lissa Trovatelli arrives on Earth; is recruited and begins training(OO-6)
2133 • June 16[OVERDRAFT: BURNOUT begins] Bridget Yang encounters Blossom Raintree on Chara(BU)
2133 • June 30Leo Falcone hires Bridget Yang for Altair team(BU)
2136 • MarchKolvax and the Severed exiled to Sigma Draconis(OO-1)
2136 (day unrevealed)Bridget Yang appoints Victor Gideon chief of Surge Two(OO-2)
2137 • January 2Jamie Sturm's duty shift on Ops Station, Venus begins(OO-1)
2137 • JulyJamie Sturm begins embezzling from Ops(OO-1)
2138 • March 19Spore arrives at Altair on container from Porrima B(HE)
2138 • March 24Wrong armor sent to Altair from Regulus(HE)
2138 • March 26Surge Altair ends campaign against Spore on Altair's gas giant(HE)
2138 • March 28Wrong armor arrives on Alabeyd from Regulus(HE)
2138 • March 29[OVERDRAFT: HUMAN ERROR begins.] Surge Altair defeats Spore on Alabeyd(HE)
2138 • March 31Jake Temmons leaves as Surge Altair Q/A(OO-2)
2138 • April 1[OVERDRAFT: THE ORION OFFENSIVE begins.] Surge Altair recon discovers surviving bangbox on Alabeyd(OO-1)
2138 • April 2Jamie confronted on Ops by Falcone. Jamie departs for Altair.(OO-1)
2138 • April 3Jamie arrives at Altair. Falcone arrives at Altair. Jamie named trader. Jamie and Bridget depart for Sigma Draconis.(OO-1)
2138 • April 4Jamie and Bridget arrive at Sigma Draconis. Falcone sends messengers from Altair to Sigma Draconis.(OO-1)
2138 • April 5Surge Sigma duels with the Xylanx. Kolvax leaves for Gharion Preserve. Falcone's messengers arrive at Sigma Draconis(OO-2)
2138 • April 6Falcone's messengers begin training Jamie as a trader(OO-2)
2138 • April 7Kolvax arrives at Gharion Preserve.(OO-2)
2138 • April 8Kolvax departs for audience with Dominium(OO-2)
2138 • April 10Kolvax has his audience with Dominium(OO-2)
2138 • April 11Kolvax departs for Gharion Preserve(OO-2)
2138 • April 13Kolvax arrives at Gharion Preserve. Jamie and Bridget depart Sigma Draconis for Baghula.(OO-2)
2138 • April 14Falcone arrives at Sigma Draconis. Jamie and Bridget arrive at Baghula.(OO-2)
2138 • April 15Baghu forces overwhelm Surge Sigma(OO-2)
2138 • April 17Surge Sigma departs Baghula for Sigma Draconis(OO-3)
2138 • April 18Frocky begins learning Moogles' language(OO-4)
2138 • April 27Quaestor auditors arrive on Sigma Draconis(OO-3)
2138 • April 28Kolvax departs Gharion Preserve for Leel(OO-3)
2138 • April 29Surge Sigma departs Sigma Draconis for Leel(OO-3)
2138 • April 30Auction on Leel and subsequent battle. Kolvax departs Leel for Gharion Preserve(OO-3)
2138 • May 1Aftermath of battle on Leel; Indispensable begins processing Leelites' order(OO-4)
2138 • May 3Jamie and Bridget depart Leel for Sigma Draconis, leaving Surge Two behind(OO-4)
2138 • May 4Jamie and Bridget discuss Elaine Keeler on the Dragon's Depot(OO-4)
2138 • May 5Jamie arrives on Moog, encounters Frocky; stampede on Moog(OO-4)
2138 • May 6Surge Sigma returns from Moog(OO-5)
2138 • May 7Kolvax attacks Porriman station(OO-5)
2138 • May 8Memorial service for Walter Abaza(OO-5)
2138 • May 14Surge Two returns to Sigma Draconis from Leel(OO-5)
2138 • May 24Jamie learns the truth about Overland from Bridget; Surge Sigma heads to Kano(OO-5)
2138 • May 25Surge Sigma sets up camp on Kano(OO-5)
2138 • May 27Peter Santos arrives on Kano in search of Jamie(OO-5)
2138 • May 28Santos sends agents back to obtain search warrants; Great Kano Clearing begins(OO-6)
2138 • June 17District 211 cleared; Trovatelli offers to help Jamie flee; Santos' agents depart Dragon's Depot for Kano(OO-6)
2138 • June 18District 280 contested; Trovatelli flees; Kolvax kidnaps Jamie(OO-6)
2138 • June 19Kolvax and Jamie arrive at Gharion Preserve; Trovatelli arrives at Dragon's Depot and begins work(OO-7)
2138 • June 20Surge Sigma arrives at Dragon's Depot and fights to save station(OO-7)
2138 • June 21Jamie makes deal with Kolvax; Bridget discovers Kolvax's tree(OO-7)
2138 • June 22Bridget prepares mission to Gharion Preserve; Kolvax prepares to send Jamie to Earth(OO-7)
2138 • June 23Battle of Gharion Preserve(OO-8)
2138 • June 24Surge Sigma returns to Sigma Draconis; financial quarter ends(OO-8)
2138 • June 28Jeanette Bachmann goes to work for Senator Keeler(OO-8)
2138 • June 30Jamie Sturm receives reprieve, new contract(OO-8)
BU"Burnout," first appearing in Silence in the Library's Apollo's Daughters, 2015 
HE"Human Error", first appearing in Baen Books' Armored, 2012 
OO-1Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 1: Greenmail, released April 2, 2013 
OO-2Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 2: Golden Handshake, released April 16, 2013 
OO-3Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 3: Underwater Holdings, released April 30, 2013 
OO-4Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 4: Winner's Curse, released May 13, 2013 
OO-5Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 5: Tip from a Dip, released May 27, 2013 
OO-6Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 6: Tender Offer, released June 11, 2013 
OO-7Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 7: Strike Price, released June 25, 2013 
OO-8Overdraft: The Orion Offensive Episode 8: Poison Pill, released July 8, 2013

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